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Tomorrow it's your turn

Election Day is tomorrow (Tuesday), from 6:30am to 7:30pm. For the busy folks out there that are just tuning in to my campaign, the best place to start is my campaign summation. Also, this article about my campaign captures key aspects of my proposition to voters.

I have no earthy idea how this election will shake out. But I'm grateful for the thousands of Chapel Hill residents who not only look at the endorsements and high-level talking points but read the questionnaire responses, the articles, the websites for themselves. Informed candidates rely on informed voters.

Over the past couple weeks, a lot of residents I hadn't met before have approached me at the polls to say they read my website and blog posts, my INDY Week questionnaire responses, my Local Reporter questionnaire responses, or some other exceedingly long thing that I wrote, and that my approach not only resonated with them in some way but helped them understand something important about land use planning. That increases my conviction that we as a Town can address challenges that are legitimately complicated.

When I made the decision this summer to run for office, I committed to run on policy ideas rather than vibes, to put out content that would help residents understand the Town's challenges and how we can meet them, and to stay positive in my rhetoric. I think I've done that. As of this summer, few residents were familiar with the Complete Community framework. Now many are prepared to hold Town officials to it.

As for the election, the rest is up to you. Thanks for reading my stuff, and thanks for taking our local elections seriously.

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1 Comment

Nov 06, 2023

good luck!

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